The Pasto Forte line of products from Fertilizantes Tocantins are developed in order to provide the necessary nutrients for a high performance pasture, reconciling the crop status, the degree of intensification and the mode of application of the fertilizer adopted by the cattle farmer. Six formulations were developed to meet the four main practices of pasture fertilization.


The Brazilian cattle herd is predominantly grass fed. Forage species, like all cultivated plants, need to extract nutrients from the soil to grow biomass and nourish the animals. If the nutrients extracted by the grazing animals are not properly replaced, the pasture will run the risk of entering a degradation process that begins with loss of vigor and decreasing yields, becoming more susceptible to attacks by pests, diseases and loss of competition with invasive plants, which results in soil compaction and erosion. Pasture fertilization is a tool that allows the cattle farmer to achieve high stocking rates per unit area while maintaining the longevity of the forage species, avoiding degradation of pasture and increasing profitability. To accomplish that it is necessary to use soil correction techniques and nutritionally balanced fertilizers in order to meet the requirements of the grass for achieving high forage yields with good nutritional quality.


The Pasto Forte Planting/Renewal formulations are indicated both for planting in news areas as well as for renovation of degraded pastures. The high concentrations of Phosphorus and Calcium enable a rapid growth of the grass root system, and Nitrogen allied to Sulfur, Zinc, and Boron ensure a good establishment of the plants, reducing the rest time between sowing and the first grazing.


The next step of pasture nutrition aiming at high stocking rates would be topdressing fertilization. To meet the needs of the cattle farmer of supplying Nitrogen and Potassium to the pastures, we developed the formulation Pasto Forte Manutenção (Maintenance). It consists of a 30.00.10 granulated formulation containing Sulfur, Zinc, and Boron. It is worth mentioning that Nitrogen is protected against losses of ammonia by volatilization, which allows the farmer to apply the product even in dry weather, eliminating the risk of large N losses.


For established pasture areas with reasonable soil coverage by the forage species and that do not require replanting, the Pasto Forte Recuperação (Recovery) formulations are an excellent alternative to increase yields and, consequently, animal stocking. It has balanced concentrations of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and micronutrients, which are essential for a fast and sustainable production increase. The Pasto Forte Plantio (Planting)/Renovação (Renewal) and Pasto Forte Recuperação (Recovery) formulations are available in two versions, granulated and crumbs. The granulated formulations were developed for cattle farmers who need to fertilize large areas in a short time, and for Pasto Forte Recuperação we offer the Nitrofoska technology, a high quality and performance line with NPK in the granule. The crumbs formulations come with gradual release Phosphorus, ensuring the supply of this nutrient for longer periods, ideal for perennial cultures.


For highly intensive systems, usually employing rotation, Fertilizantes Tocantins offers the formulation Pasto Forte Manejo Intensivo (Intensive Farming). In this formulation, Nitrogen is supplied in nitric and ammoniacal forms, protected against volatilization losses. The four nutrients supplied by this product are delivered to the farmer in a single granule, allowing larger ranges of application, without risk of segregation of the raw materials.