Avoid Nitrogen losses from broadcasting-applied urea on low moisture soils. With our volatilization inhibition technology, you are ensured an effective and safe application, and nitrogen remains protected while waiting for the rain.


Ureia Forte’s production technology allows for broadcasting application even in low moisture soils, including no-tillage systems. It works as an insurance that ensures the farmer that the nitrogen applied to the soil will be protected for up to 15 days, subject to small losses, resulting in yield increase.


  • High nitrogen concentration (46%);
  • Less susceptible to N losses due to volatilization;
  • Higher nitrogen use efficiency from Urea;
  • Can be applied by broadcasting, even in no-tillage systems;
  • Longer application window for the nitrogen fertilizer;
  • Can be used in Potassium formulations;
  • Higher agronomic efficiency;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • It can be stored for long periods without loss of inhibitor efficiency;
  • Higher yield.